I have been to the gates of heaven and hell. New testimony from Dr Gloria Polo [eBook]


A cura di Flaviano Patrizi

Edizione: Prima (dalla seconda edizione italiana 2021)
Editore: Himmel Edizioni (2024)
Formato: Kindle Package Format (KPF)


The amazing testimony of Dr. Gloria Polo. This edition is the only one supervised by Glòria.

The dentist Glòria Polo as a result of an electrocution lived a mystical experience. She reached the gates of Paradise only to plunge into Purgatory and suffer, at the bottom of it, her own particular judgment. The Lord Jesus gave her, however, a second opportunity by also assigning her the mission of recounting "a thousand times a thousand" what she saw, to the boast of all men. Her testimony is an opportunity for readers to learn to make a sèrio examination of conscience.
Dr. Glòria Polo has never written her own testimony in her own hand, but has left to the Catholic theologian Flaviano Patrizi—who has shared with her eleven years of mission so far—the task of editing a literary version of it and has revised its content.
This first English-language edition, based on the second Italian-language edition—which was prepared twenty-six years after the thunderbolt and ten years after the publication of the first edition—presents readers with a new and mature literary reworking, containing new, unprecedented facts that cast a new light on Glòria Polo's experience. The text is accompanied by notes and biblical references.
Himmel Editions exclusively distributes this version because it is the only one to have been súpervisioned by Glòria and therefore possesses guarantees of authenticity.

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